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Landskind & Ricaforte Law Group is a full-service law firm providing estate planning services to the pre and post retirement community. The firm was founded on a passion and commitment toward serving the legal needs of families, the elderly and the disabled in New York; through the provision of quality and affordable legal services, based on an attitude of care, compassion, and the formation of an open and honest relationship with every client that walks through our doors.

With a combined legal experience of nearly thirty years between our two founding partners, we have considerable expertise and legal skills in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate and Estate Administration, Estate Litigation, Medicaid Crisis Planning, and Real Estate, among others. We plan for what we call “life stages” – for singles, for families with young children, families in their peak earning years, people thinking of retiring and for those that already have.  We plan for our clients with an eye toward protecting their assets from income and estate taxation, guide families in times of medical crisis, shelter assets from nursing home and long term care expense and represent families through difficult estate litigation, not only to preserve their hard-earned assets to pass to their heirs, but also with the goal of preserving the sanctity of the family relationship.

We give a unique touch to all our cases and clients – providing a level of personal attention that is unmatched, and treating our clients with the utmost respect and concern. We have helped countless families and businesses avoid or resolve common complications that can occur during life or at death without the proper planning.  Protecting assets in a time of medical crisis, sheltering assets from income and estate taxation, avoiding the need for court intervention and planning with an eye toward preventing dissension among family members are just a few of the objectives that our attorneys try to mitigate or eliminate.

We take pride in providing each of our clients with one on one attention, responsiveness and communication, and work closely with you and your family to realize familial goals. Our goal is to make sure that our clients leave behind a meaningful legacy instead of a burden to clean up. To that end, we are there for them through all of their life changes.

The comfort that our work brings to our clients and their families is the passion that drives us to work–every day producing results-driven legal services in different locations throughout the greater New York and Long Island area (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, Nassau County, Long Island.)

In a time of crisis, we seek to bring Comfort and Clarity to our clients and their families.

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